The popular segment  by Adelle Onyango on Kiss FM, Celeb quickfire featured an international artiste; the lovely RnB sensation Keri Hilson.

Keri Hilson is the Airtel Trace Music stars ambassador for the second season. She was interviewed by Adelle, who asked her pretty interesting questions.

The ‘Knock You Down’ hitmaker said if she ever woke up as Kanye West, she would produce Keri Hilson’s ‘Goodbye’ album.

If her house was burning, Keri confessed that she would save her computer, iPod and her music. She wouldnt even think about her purse because that’s how much she loves her music.

Adelle later on asked her if she can make any African dish and her answer was priceless. She can actually make Fufu. Surprised much?

Miss Keri Baby would pick Kim Kardashian over Ludacris and Beyonce to save her. Reason being that Kim would use her social media platform to get help. No one saw that coming.

Listen the interview below.