Lillian Muli and Jared Nevaton are in a rather interesting and captivating relationship. When news of their relationship hit the rumour mills, she was quick to deny but Jared Nevaton was just the one because he asked Kenyans why they care about his relationship status.

Then after a while, they became a rather public couple (Lillian Muli was the showy one) then she became pregnant and we all celebrated the news. We had no option really but to watch and celebrate the fact she was pregnant because she flooded our timeline with photos, videos and memes about her journey.

Then out of the blue, on one fateful Friday, she began blasting her beau Jared, accusing him of being a community husband. The blow out was epic. She even introduced the term to the Kenyan lexicon.

Now that their son Liam has been born, she and her bae are in a happier place. The two are looking all loved up and this is how she chose to celebrate her baby’s father: