There was no child in the 90s that didn’t know about Sarafina, the movie nor the songs that were featured in it; not only did people name their children by the characters, but children started acting as such.

And now the classic movie has been turned into a musical by our very own Kenyan stage actors, and we congratulate them for a job well done.

Sarafina, a young black South African struggling for freedom during the apartheid, protests with her colleagues, the decision by the government to make Afrikaans the official language in her school.

The stage actors did a fantastic job in bringing the musical to life on stage, and we must say, we are sorry if you missed out on this epic performance.

Here is an image of who plays the lead Safarina, captured in one of her scenes boldly emulating the classic character originally played by Leleti Khumalo.

And here we have Mkamzee Mwatela who takes on Whoopi Goldberg’s role as Mary Masembuko, a loving and favourite teacher of her students and school as a whole.

Characters from the play

And oh boy did our favourite stars show up, making the experience all together special.

There were the likes of comedian Njugush, Gilad, Hellen Mtawali, Patrick Oketch, Betty Kyallo, Aeedah Bambi, Dennis Itumbi among others.

Check out more photos from the grand event below;

Photos by Moses Mwangi

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