Rich and famous is the new definition of success, oh and the ONLY way to make your mama proud. Sautisol said. Millennials are defining fame as the two million diligent followers on Instagram or the idea of being able to top the list on the current trends of twitter.

It is not actually completely false, the fame part.

But celebrities have filled the social media with what success is. Trips to tours abroad. Vacations in the middle of the year for no apparent reason. SUCCESS.

The worst thing about this is that Eric Omondi or Bahati do not actually talk about their steps towards success.

Millennials are out here struggling and showing skin just to gain followers, the first step to the current success.

The pressure is becoming too hard for Millenials that are geared towards attaining success. They create content without a proper understanding of what they are doing.

But really, what is success?

Someone should really write a book about this.

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