From Left; Zari Hassan, Diamond, Hamissa Mobetto
From Left; Zari Hassan, Diamond, Hamissa Mobetto

You are dating this guy, everything is going on so well and you’re ready to settle but one thing remains unsettled- his Ex is always in the picture using their child to cause havoc & control how he is to foot in into the parenting or when your baby mama keeps resurfacing.

This is when the baby mama drama rolls in.

Following the recent Wizkid’s baby mama drama, the star boy whom is a father to three lovely and handsome boys from three different mothers, was called out for not taking care of his sons and this brings us to a list of artistes who’ve been in baby mama scandals.

  1. Bahati

In March, 2015, Bahati was rumoured to have impregnated a girl who was in her early twenties, however the gospel star denied these claims on numerous occasions. Stating people just wanted to tarnish his name.

Fast forward to 2017 when he actually confessed on social media to having a  daughter, namely Mueni Bahati, to Kenyans, saying: Too many blessings have come my way but two years ago was the beginning of a special lifetime blessing from God. Before anything, I’d like to acknowledge and thank the love of my life, Diana, for being there for me in all situations. May God bless you.

Ms Obura; Mueni’s mother and Bahati dated for a while before splitting.

Bahati & daughter Mueni
Bahati & daughter Mueni

2. Diamond

While still married to Zari Hassan, Diamond happened to have had an affair outside wedlock with Video vixen; Hamisa Mobetto. Their affair happened to sire a baby boy; Daylan Naseeb.

Diamond agreeing that he fathered Hamisa’s son, stirred baby mama drama and lots of conversation online including talks of baby Daylan. Out of Zari’s five children, two are Diamond’s and on the other hand, Hamisa has one son and a daughter, the son being Diamond’s.

From Left; Zari Hassan, Diamond, Hamissa Mobetto
From Left; Zari Hassan, Diamond, Hamissa Mobetto

3. King Kaka

King Kaka has two baby mama’s the first being Sage Chemutai; Kenyan musician & Nana Owiti. Sage sired him a daughter; Ayanna while Nana a daughter & son; Gweth & Iroma.

Kaka has never been shy of expressing his love and affection towards his daughters and son as evident in a number of his social media posts. Currently he has settled down with Nana Owiti.

From Left: Nana Owiti, King Kaka & Sage Chemutai
From Left: Nana Owiti, King Kaka & Sage Chemutai
King Kaka & his kid's with Nana Owiti
King Kaka & his kid’s with Nana Owiti

4. Jaguar

Member of parliament/ artiste Jaguar has his bags too and tend to keep his private life really private unless he wants us in the loop. He is a proud father of three; two daughters & one son.

Well, his two daughters are with Magdaline whom he parted ways with a while back while his son Jay is with his second baby mama whose name we are yet to know.

Jaguar's Children
Jaguar’s Children
It is clear that Jaguar’s three children are his complete replica judging by a recent photo of them shared by the singer.

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5. Ofweneke

Media personality and comedian Dr Ofweneke and gospel singer Nicah were once husband and wife, but the marriage did not work out. The comedian accused his baby mama of infidelity, while Nicah accused him of being a wife beater. They have two daughters whom are under Nicah’s care.

Dr.Ofweneke & Ex wife Nicah
Dr.Ofweneke & Ex wife Nicah

6. Ringtone

Gospel singer Ringtone had one Angel Nyambura who claimed the singer impregnated her, but he denied the claims. Later on in 2016, a 25 year old Philip Mwaura; Tout from Thika claimed that the baby was his and not Ringtone’s. Ringtone maintained that he had never had an affair with the girl and that he chose to forgive her for dragging his name in the dirt.


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