Today is mothers day and social media is full of pictures children who have sent out to their mothers a special mothers day message.

Well, in some circumstances, fathers are forced to play both roles of father and mother. It may be after the death of their wife or separation.

These celebrity fathers deserve the Mothers Day wish because they play the role of a mother very well.

  1. Tedd Josiah

tedd josiah

He lost his wife months after she gave birth but that did not stop him from raising their daughter, Jay.

Tedd took up the responsibility and so far, he has an army on social media who just aww every time they see baby Jay.

Other than raising her, he also advises other fathers on how to raise their children. Seeing as he does it alone, he deserves a Mothers Day wish.

2. Shaffie Weru

A father or two gorgeous daughters, he performs his father duties very well. Milan leaves abroad with her mum but Shaffie makes time to go see her quite often and he never misses a birthday.

His other daughter Nia lives with him and from his social media pages, he spends a lot of time with her. He picks her up from school daily after works, he takes her to the salon to make sure her locks are neat, he throws parties for her and so much more.

Shaffie also deserves the mothers day wish.

3. Dan Sonko

He lost his wife and mother of children after suffering birth complications to their second born son.

His job as an actor can take up a lot of time but that does not stop him from being a father and a mother to his children.

Dan is always spending tie with his sons and teaching them life lessons. From the pictures on social media, you can tell they have an amazing relationship.

It may not be easy doing it alone, but he is doing a good job.

4. Gabu

The artiste is a father to a very handsome son and despite his busy schedule especially now that he has released a new song he is always there for his son.

Just recently he took a video teaching his son on safety in case his father leaves him. One thing that is obvious is that Gabu has taught his son a lot. He confidently said he will go to his grandmother’s place and request for an uber that will take him home.

At such a young age you will not expect him to be that smart but his father has played a role in educating him on life hacks.

5. George Ikua

When his late wife got sick, he took up the role of his wife as a mother to their children.

Even after his death, he had already learned the ways of being a ‘mother ‘ and so far his children are growing up to be responsible.

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Happy mothers day to all mothers and to the fathers who play both roles.

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