Show me one lady you’ve met that doesn’t love the feeling of being clean, organized and refreshed. I bet you, you wouldn’t exhaust the fingers on your right. Women love looking and smelling fresh. Period. On top of that they want to look and smell like thier pop icon.

That is why, Dettol Even Tone team recently hosted an exclusive event to celebrate the African Woman over the weekend. The theme of the day was #EvenBetterMe.

The who is who in the society especially artistes and fashionistas graced the event with their beauty and elegance. And top it off, the ever beautiful ex radio presenter Pinky Ghelani was the host of the event.


Top fashion bloggers Sharon Mundia, Joy Kendi and Nancy Mwai, Showbiz exraordinaire Talia Oyando a.k.a Night Nurse, songbirds Size 8 ,Avril Nyambura and Patricia Kihoro, Capital FM’s  Anita Nderu and Mandi Sarro were in attendance looking all dolled and glamored up.

“Today, we sit around this lovely room to celebrate our skin, the biggest and most precious asset for any woman,” said Pinky Ghelani.

In attendance was Dettol Brand Marketing manager Rachel Migwi and Damira Golubic, RB Marketing Manager.

RB County Manager East Africa Sachin Varma said, “For many years Dettol has been a real companion to mothers in Africa, Dettol Even Tone is our gift to the African woman, we celebrate her by ensuring that her skin is well taken care off”.

He further noted that, “Dettol Even Tone is the ultimate blend of hygiene and beauty that not only replenishes the skin but also removes dark spots to ensure that mothers step out in even toned skins.

The new soap, Dettol Even Tone was developed in Africa, based on African consumers’ insight around even toned skin. It is an antibacterial soap with extra features, such as moisturizers and crushed apricot seeds to remove blemishes.

Ladies, your needs have now been taken care of gracefully. Go get yourself a pack and feel the magic touch.