It’s no news Charlize Theron has two adopted children whom she adores but she was recently spotted  with her 6 year old son with braids dressed in girls cloths.The image showed the mother of two  busily running errands with her son whom one may have easily confused for her daughter due to the braids he was spotting and with a female onesie on.

The image has got people feeling some type of way, some were upset claiming if she wanted all female children she should have adopted only girls instead of dressing her son as one.

  • lil_john58You mean she’s always wanted a girl so she got homeboy to mess around in girls wear and he grew up liking it? Cause it’s as stupid as a boy wanting to wear a bra too


  • kiyaviWhy didn’t she adopt a girl child if she’s going to constantly groom him to be a girl???


While others insisted her son Jackson adopted from her native South Africa in 2012 prefers to dress as such, just like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter.


  • shining.lovatoa girl wants to act masculine and it’s all right but heaven forbid a boy wants to act feminine🙄😩


Rumors of the actress raising her son as a girl have been spreading for years, but photos of the two out and about back in April of this year prove them true, but new photos are making people angry all over again.

According to celebrity blog Industry On Blast, Jackson would reportedly act out and throw tantrums about wanting to be dressed as a girl. The misbehavior got so bad that Charlize finally gave in.

To which an instagram user took offence and let it be known writing,

  • 1destinysoundHe pefers? Wtf? @ 6yo.. foh! White supremacy as usual fucking with our youths since tht can derail the grown males as easily as b4.. smfh..


But don’t all children his age act out for wanting things they can’t have whether it’s good for them or not hence we can boldly call this claims bull.

We know Americans are advocates of gender and sex preference, but will a 6 year old truly know what gender to identify but at such a tender age?.It’s nothing new to see parents especially black Americans choosing to braid their sons hair, just take a look at Kim and Kanye’s son or Tia Mowry’s son Cree.

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