With the Fate of the furious 8 currently reaching a billion views during its opening, Vin Diesel who initially did not believe in sequels couldn’t be more proud.

His view on sequels was that back in the 80s and 90s, having a sequel meant losing every chance of the movie ever becoming a classic or being special. For that reason, he turned down the opportunity to act in fast and furious 2 and 3.

Vin Diesel

However, he was then asked to write and produce the sequel which is when he made his come back into the fast and the furious movies.

For those who are fans, you must have noticed that the movies got a whole lot better when Vin diesel returned.

The latest one (Fate of the Furious) being the best. It’s like each part just got better and better up until the fate of the furious. I mean u gotta wonder what the 9 part would be like if F8 is this good.

Vin Diesel

Speaking of which…. Remember Charlize Theron, the lady that got Vin Diesel to betray his team through blackmail? Well if you watched the movie, there was a scene where she kissed him in front of Letty (his wife in the movie). Vin Diesel’s reaction was stiff and unresponsive. However, when Charlize Theron was being interviewed and was asked about the kiss, she replied, “It was frozen like a dead fish. It was the most psychotic kiss ever and this whole spill about lips don’t lie, I like a little movement in my men”

theron and diesel

Vin Diesel happened to be on the Ellen show when Ellen told him what co-star Charlize Theron thought of their kiss on set and he was beyond shocked. He stood up surprised with what he had heard saying, “What! What! come on guys, Do I look like a dead fish?” He asked laughingly. Well not like there is any way Vin Diesel could look like a dead fish at all and even if he was a fish, he’d probably be the baddest fish in the sea.

Vin Diesel

The loved by billions star has been busy as he also acted in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 which will be out on the 15th of May. Inspired by his son who is the one that chose the role for his dad to play in the movie, Vin diesel took on the part of the tree. He said, “Whenever we are in the country side and we see trees, my son goes… Look daddy, it’s your brothers and sisters.”