Issa phone and depending on where Diana Marua bought it at, it costs anything from 7-to-10 thousand shillings. That is not why this article was worth the effort to write up. Rather that is because Diana Marua as a mother gets “it”.

Diana Marua understands that her mboch slash househelp slash whatever you want to call your domestic worker is a key component in how she intends to bring up her children. Let’s face it, motherhood is a job made easier -in today’s world atleast, with the help of a mboch slash nanny.

While most people mistreat their mboch, making them work long hours for poor pay and giving them a hard time at work with unreasonable standards, Diana Marua has taken a more proactive approach.

You see, when your househelp is unhappy, they start treating your children poorly. They start neglecting them and you perpetuate the cycle by lashing out at them.

Check out the phone Diana Marua got her househelp below: