Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo recently posted a seemingly innocuous photo of her with her bae (she obscured out the guy) which piqued my interest because it showed off her gold Royal Oak Audemars Piguet watch.

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I happen to be a huge watch geek so I was impressed when I noticed the watch band which is the iconic AP strap.

The watch she has in the image above is worth 46,900 USD and that is on the grey market that is the internet. I had to use these figures because it has proven too Sysiphean a task for me to get the actual figures off their website.

However, 4.6million is a good enough ballpark figure.

And in case the watch has caught your fancy and you would like to get yourself one, the closest boutique you can purchase it at is in Saudi Arabia. That basically means you have to factor in the airfare to and from Saudi Arabi and the cost of the hotel you will be posted at.

And on this one, I must say that I believe it was a gift from her bae – current or former because I do not see her buying the watch for herself unless she makes terrible financial decisions.