Anita Nderu

Next time you intend to go on vacay in naija, you might want to pick a few tips from Anita Nderu. The blogger and socialite is vacationing in Naija land, and she seems to be having fun if photos on her social media are anything to go by.

The BBC 2017  top 100 women nominees is all about beauty and brains. She inspires so many lasses with her fashion sense, as she has a way of slaying all day, oozing elegance and glamour.

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Anita also hosts the popular NTV show the Trend, and leaves team mafisi breathless whenever she is interviewing guests. But who can blame them. She is beautiful.


Anita Nderu

Lately, she has switched up her style and adopted the popular kitenge outfits worn by many Africans. Hmnn, she will definitely have the internet buzzing as she was also recently in Nigeria touring and even tried to make Jollof rice saying;

“Abeg na I look like I was asking if I should fry the water😁#LessonsinLagos learning how to make Jollof rice because how else will you know I was in Lagos na? The Jollof made my @cheferos lived up to the hype! One of the most amazing meals I have ever had outside Kenya. Google the recipe & thank me later”

Anita Nderu

But anyway cooking is not the only thing she was doing, dressing up of course was on top of her list. Check out some of her photos;

Screenshot from 2017-10-12 02:33:33

Screenshot from 2017-10-12 02:33:06

Screenshot from 2017-10-12 02:32:31

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