They say elegance is the only beauty that doesn’t fade.

And true to form, age catches up with everyone and what was once seen as beautiful isn’t as glowing.

Our celebrities pride themselves in their looks and talent. And we love them for what they offer to fans, selflessly.

Daddy Owen in his song described earthly pleasures and belief in beauty is vanity that will all vanish one day.

“Yote ni Vanity,” Daddy Owen sings.

So, we put some of our popular celebrities through a time machine to see how they will look like 20 years from now…

Some of the celebrities are Brenda Wairimu, Avril, Noti Flow, Pierra Makena, Diana Marua, Nyota Ndogo, DJ Sadiq, Dr Ofweneke, Janet Mbugua, Nick Ndeda, Nicah The Queen, Wilbroda, Anne Kansiime, Shix Kapienga, Teacher Wanjiku, Mammito, Mike Mondo, Huddah, Bridget Achieng, Willy Paul, Willis Raburu, Prezzo, King Kaka, Bahati, Chantelle, Nyashinski, Vera Sidika, Njugush, Amina Abdi, Betty Kyallo, Luwi Capello, Bon Eye, Kambua, Grace Msalame, Sharon Mundia and Anne Kiguta.

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Check out the photos below.
Brenda Wairimu


Noti Flow

Pierra Makena

Diana Marua

Nyota Ndogo

DJ Sadiq

Dr Ofweneke

Janet Mbugua

Nick Ndeda

Nicah The Queen


Mike Mondo


Teacher Wanjiku

Shix Kapienga

Anne Kansiime


Anne Kiguta

Sharon Mundia

Grace Msalame


Bon Eye

Luwi Capello

Betty Kyallo

Amina Abdi


Vera Sidika




King Kaka


Willis Raburu

Willy Paul

Bridget Achieng

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