The 14th of August was one of the happiest moment over at Bahati’s empire.

At exactly 1:04 pm Bahati and Diana Marua welcomed their newborn son, Majesty at RFH Healthcare.

Bahati was the first one to announce this amazing news he even took us around the hospital room where Majesty was born.

Majesty: The son that came with his own plate for sure. He came in and brought the family new endorsements including being a brand ambassador of RFH Healthcare which of course is money in the bank.

Majesty has received so much love at just one week old. Diana has been getting what she calls the nest care from RFH and now she was given a grand arrival to her home with her newborn.

A whole convoy of expensive cars including Mercedes and Prado’s drove the couple and Majesty to their home hooting on the roads of Ruai with people cheering them on.

Meet Majesty, Bahati and Diana Marua’s 3.5kg son (PHOTO)

In his post, he mentions that he will soon be announcing a date when he will be walking down the aisle with his fiance, Diana Marua soon.

They Have Also Promised me a SEVEN (7) Helicopters Convoy During My Public Wedding Announcing Dates Sooooooooonnnnnn🔥🔥🔥

Bahati is the first-ever celebrity to have a convey publicly accompany him home with a newborn.

Boy, isn’t this family so extra? Watch the video below:

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