They’ve tried to keep their romance under wraps, only posting pictures here and there. But Jordyn Taylor wrote the most romantic message to bae, Trevor Noah.

Posting a picture of his newly released book, Born a Crime: Stories from a South African childhood, Jordyn had nothing but love for her man.


I always severly procrastinate on the final chapter of my very favorite books. I do this mainly because I don’t want the magic to end. In this case, I’m delaying for that reason but also because I know what pain the last chapter explores. I’m so proud of the dimply-faced crime who shared with us the deepest and sometimes darkest parts of his life, who taught us about nuance and the complexity of good and evil, and who introduced us to one of the strongest women we may ever know. It’s time to read these last few pages.”

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She went on to say that she is lucky to come home to Trevor every night.

I’m delighted with the knowledge that the magic does carry on well past the back cover and I am beyond blessed to come home to that magic day after day. ☺️ thank you @trevornoah

Aw. Love wins, guys!