Disconnect is the movie that elevated Pascal Tokodi to be an African magic viewer’s choice award winner.

Disconnect is a romantic comedy movie directed by Tosh Gitonga and Michael Jones. These are some of the famous producers of Nairobi half-life.

Disconnect was produced in 2018 and stars Brenda Wairimu and Nick Mutuma. The movie is intended to explore the dating life of many people within the city of Nairobi.

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Popular Kenyan actors are a part of this great movie that played a huge role in making Pascal an award winner. Celine (Brenda Wairimu) is constantly making the wrong decision when it comes to her love life.

Therefore, Celine seeks advice from her friends, TK, Kate Actress, the crazy one. Judy, Patricia Kihoro, the prayerful one. Robin, Pierra Makena, Celine’s sister and Preeti, Aseem Sharma, her co-worker.

Nick Mutuma on the other hand is the male star of the movie with his group of friends consisting of Pascal Tokodi (Otis) and Arthur Sanya (Jennings).

All in all, Tosh Gitonga played a major role in making Pascal one of the most celebrated actors in Kenya and Africa today. Check out the movie disconnect and see just how much of a winner Pascal Tokodi proves himself in the movie.

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