People often refer to singer Beyonce Knowles as the female version of the king of pop Michael Jackson since they tend to have almost everything similar and it was in the MTV Awards in the 2014 where she was given The Video Vanguard Awards which was previously given to Michael Jackson, Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

Well take a look at some of the similarities between Beyonce Knowles and king of pop Michael Jackson.

Like Michael jackson Beyonce is filthy rich in her own right.

Like Michael Jackson Beyonce emerged from a music band Destiny’s Childs whereas Michael was in Jackson five with his brothers.

Beyonce is also an African-American.

Beyonce had the spotlight in her music band in which both were lead singers in their respective groups.

Both got more successful than other members in their groups when they started a solo career.

Destiny’s Childs 

                   Jackson five

Michael Jackson had three children who are Paris Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson 11 and Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. Currently Beyonce has three children too who are Blue Ivy Carter, and twins Rumi and Sir Carter.

Both had push of their careers from their respective fathers who were also the managers to their music band.

Mathew Knowles

                    Joe Jackson

They both came from a musical family where Michael’s sister is Janet Jackson while Beyonce’s sister is performing artist Solange Knowles.

Both Michael Jackson and Beyonce’s fathers respectively cheated on their mothers which led to their fathers getting children outside marriage.

Like Michael Jackson, Beyonce is so close to her mother than father. Michael Jackson was not close to his father because of being too strict on him when he was young and taking away his childhood as Michael always said while Beyonce was not close to her father for cheating on her mother and stealing money from her when he was still her manager.