Msupa S S has established herself as the Queen of Kalenjin Hip-hop.

And as such, the visible transformation of the Kalenjin rap princess can e seen by all.

Msupa S came into the limelight when her song, Hello Hello. She became a viral sensation mostly because of the zeal and energy she  exhibited in the music video for the single.

It also helped that the lyrics were also witty and funny. In a past interview, Msupa S said that she dances in her songs with vigor because she drinks mursik which gives her energy

Check out the video below.

Msupa S is known for speaking her mind and she has a few choice words for Rapper Femi One and Noti Flow.

“BADO UNAOMBA SHOWS NA HUPATI, BADO UNAOMBA DOH NA HUPATI. Femi one hajafika bado anakanyaga matt kama sisi na analipa rent kama sisi,” She said.


Her virality on the interwebs saw her catch the eye of Papa Jones a.k.a Khaligraph Jones.

The two worked on a musical project dubbed Watajua Hawajui. This set her up as the talent to watch in the rap music scene.

Noti Flow dissed Msupa S saying,

“what is Msupa S? I have never heard of her,” Noti Flow told Joey Muthengi on 10 over 10.

Noti Flow

Noti added:

“everybody knows of one queen and that’s queen Noti. It’s not self-proclaimed no more. It’s the people even lipunda knows i am queen. He calls me queen,” she said.

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Well, here is Msupa S who is battling for the crown of queen with the other Kenyan rap royalty. This is her before the transformation…

Msupa S Msupa S Msupa S Msupa S Msupa S Msupa SMsupa S

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Now check her out after the transformation.

Msupa S Msupa S Msupa S Msupa S Msupa S Msupa S Msupa S

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