Chiki Kuruka is among the best dancers in this country. Last year, she opened her own dance studio, which has seen some of the biggest celebs attend and dance their hearts out.

Well, it seems Chiki will be juggling between her dance studio the new job she has just landed. Chiki will now host a radio show ‘Game Show’ in one of the local radio stations.

Taking to social media, she was super stocked about her new job, asking her fans to DM her about getting involved.

She wrote, “So happy to announce my new project, like I’m soooooo psyched! What is it??? It’s a GAMESHOW!!!! We are gunna have the whole works, studio audience, high energy games, and the best bit is EVERYONE is welcome! We start next week so you guys have 2 days to DM me about getting involved and honoring me as my first guests!!!!

Her fans were super proud of her showering her with congratulatory messages.

Here are some of them;

misskihoro: This is awesome!!!! Congratulations love!

Claire: Congratulations Chiki, can’t wait to see it 🙂


Jacqueline: This is fantastic! Congrats Chiki!!

Ciku: So excited about this babe.

Nya: I Don’t Know if I should dm or am the usual noisy lol

Trainer: 😮Would love to…. but I’m all the way in Mauritius🤦‍♂️

Chiki is not the only celebrity who has joined the radio family. Some of the celebrities who are now radio hosts include Amina Abdi, Shaq the Youngin, Tanasha Donna, Terry Muikamba, Timmy Tdat, DJ Kace among others.

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