A Kenyan lass on Friday called in to Kiss FM, giving a chilling account of her younger sisters dating life with a gang leader in Dandora. She gave us an insight into the life of a girlfriend of  a gang member saying sadly many cannot escape it.

The Breakfast With The Stars presenters Adelle and Shaffie were left in shock after the caller recounted how her sister was under the spell of the dude who regularly beat her up.

This confession was during the #BigScoopOnKiss, where Mpasho writer Uncle Chim Tuna comes in studio to give our listeners the latest moshene.

The topic was about Cleah, a young girl who was shot dead in Kayole, after it was alleged she was a notorious gang member. Read it below.

TheBigScoopOnKiss: Meet The Kayole ‘Msupu’ Who’s Dubbed The Sexiest Female Gangster

Adelle and Shaffie asked listeners if they have ever been in such a situation and what they did to escape the thug life.

Female caller: ‘I once lived in Dandora where my younger sister used to date thugs. When you date a thug, you get the chains, you get the best make-up, you get all those privileges and then the girls in other groups cannot fight with you because they fear you, coz you’re dating some dapper person, your dating some thug (the gang leader).’

Listen in as she describes how her sister was able to escape the thug life;


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