Khaligraph Jones

He goes by the name Papa Jones aka Khaligraph Jones and there’s no doubt that he’s one of the best in the Kenyan hip-hop game.

The Yego hitmaker has over the years worked hard to make it to the top of the entertainment industry in the 254, in one of the most competitive fields in showbiz, going up against the like of; King Kaka, Octopizzo, Juliani and others.

KABOOM! Khaligraph Jones Talks Beef With Octopizzo And Why He Recorded “Micasa Sucasa” With His Boo (VIDEO)

Khaligraph Jones, real name, Brian Ouko has been relentless in doing what he loves the most, which is making good music. His dope and sick rap skills always entertain his fans, and he never disappoints.


The popular rapper recently introduced his charming girlfriend, Cashy, to the world a few weeks ago after dropping their song together, dubbed Micasa Sucasa, which was received with a lot of positive feedback from his fans and musical critics.

MOTO KAMA PASI! Khaligraph Jones And His Hot Girlfriend Take Shots At Kenyan Deejays In “Micasa Sucasa”

The music video recently hit 1 Million views on YouTube and there’s no doubt that it was one of the biggest and most talked about hip-hop songs in 2016, and his fans have been anticipating Khaligraph’s next project, but the wait is now over.

Khaligraph Jones Micasa


Papa Jones has been teasing his latest song on social media, which goes by the name Naked, and from the title, you can tell that this is going to be a raunchy song. But now, the much-anticipated music video is finally out, and Khaligraph’s rap flow is just on point!

In the new track, the beats – which have been done by Dennis Beatz – are slow and romantic, unlike his other songs which are usually faster.

Khaligraph reveals his risque and racy side, as he raps at his bedroom prowess and his love-making skills.


The video is also different from what the Kayole-native usually shoots. This time he has a sexy model who dresses up in seductive lingerie throughout the song, getting very cozy with the Mazishi rapper.

How about we check out the music video already and see the naughty side of Khaligraph Jones in his new single below…;



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