Mayonde and Muthoni The Drummer Queen

Whoever says that Kenya does not have musical talents must be very lost. Some of the artistes in town happen to be so underrated yet so they are dope musicians.

Some of those are female singer Mayonde and rapper cum artistes, Fena Gitu and Muthoni The Drummer Queen aka MDQ, who have dropped the sickest collaboration in 2017 yet, featuring renowned male singer /producer Kagwe Mungai, dubbed Kama Kawaida.

The new song by the name is a smash club banger in which Mayonde uses her mellow voice to sing the hooks and chorus, while Fena and Muthoni DQ drop their sick lines with their lyrical prowess. Kagwe uses his magical hands to produce the best beats we have heard this year so far!


Mayonde and Muthoni DQ were hosted by cheerful radio presenter Adelle Onyango and her co-host Shaffie Weru to debut the new song to their fans for the first time. This was a good move since they have both been silent for a while.

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The beautiful Mayonde real name, Diana Nduba, is known as one of the top background singers at Coke Studio Africa, popular for her hit song Isikuti. wMuthoni DQ is a vocal singer who loves art and music and is also the founder of Blankets and Wine outdoor events, known for theNai Ni Ya Who hit jam.


Fena Gitu did not manage to come to Kiss FM studios with her fellow artistes but they represented her well. When the new track played, the two could keep calm as they danced around, singing along to the new song as Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru joined them on the ‘floor’.

I have to say, when the video is out, this will be one of the biggest songs in the 254 this year. Meanwhile, check out the video below as Mayonde, Muthoni DQ, Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru get down to Kama Kawaida. 

The studio was lit and I bet the fans can’t wait for the music video. Watch!


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