When Chipukeezy was appointed to the NACADA board, youthful Kenyans hailed the act. We finally had a young guy who would perhaps whisper to the older heads about the legalization of marijuana but he turned out to be an even more zealous opponent of the herb than the old guys.

Chipukeezy has consistently spoken about the abuse of marijuana by the youth and every time he does, he comes off as tone deaf. Perhaps it’s an inability to read the mood of the room or perhaps it is because he is pandering to the gallery that pays him but each time he opens his mouth to talk matters weed, he sticks his foot in it.

And this time it is no different. He spoke about a rather touchy subject matter of a woman found in possession of bhang whose street value was estimated to be around 2,000/- shillings or 20 dollars and was jailed for 30 years.

That is not justice. It might be a sentence backed by the letter of the law but it isn’t the spirit of the law.

And Chipukeezy decided to ask a rather innocuous question on the surface of it but once you have the context of history, you realize Chipukeezy wasn’t asking for a solution. And guys were having none of it. His question was,

This is what Larry Asego thinks we should do..what do you think ? Ebu tell me what you think?!lets talk..i’m listening 👂


And the most scathing response he received was,

Your girlfriend smokes it, what do you think?