Can we just start by acknowledging the fact that Chipukeezy and Kibanja are photo lovers?

No, I did not know this because I am their personal photographer, it’s all from the gift Kibanja gave her man as he celebrated his birthday over the weekend.

Chipukeezy, who decided to make it a big day by organizing a whole event dabbed, The Funny Truth 4 was excited this new year.

After a successful show, he sat down to unbox his gifts and the one that clearly won his heart was from his girlfriend because he took us through the unboxing.


He captioned it saying,

thanks, baby for the gift. thanks for the birthday wishes thank you for loving me thankyou for supporting me thanks for praying for me thank you for being awesome than you for everything. where is the cake though? 

Part of the gift was a box he opened that was a deck of 52 cards that had 52 reasons with personal engravings on why Kibanja loves Chipukeezy.

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The ones he gave us the privilege to see were that he is her favorite person and that they can be silly together with no worry and well, she revealed that he has a precious soul.

I know so cute, watch the video of the revealing below:

Chipukeezy is madly in love with the lass because he is even keeping a lot of their personal life off social.

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