Chris Brown is in trouble again after being slapped with a lawsuit by an unknown woman.  After claiming she was raped and forced to perform sex acts on another woman against her will.

The most bizarre part is that the other woman was reportedly on her menstrual cycle.

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The lawsuit was obtained by TMZ,”a woman only identified as Jane Doe claims she was invited to a party at Brown’s mansion back in February of last year. Upon arrival, she says Brown’s team took her phone away, but the singer supplied the drugs and weed to entertain his guests.”

As the night slowly turned to day Doe claims an unnamed female friend of Chris Brown’s forced her and a few other women into a bedroom. She then forced them all to hook up with Brown and another man. After placing a couch in front of the door to prevent their escape. ⠀


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Doe tried to leave but the female friend grabbed her by the throat and forced her to give the other man head. After that, Doe says the woman then forced her on the bed and “literally sat on her face, using her legs to pin her down. She then forced her to perform oral sex on her.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

“Doe says she went to the bathroom and saw her face was covered in blood. Turns out, the woman was on her period. As a result, she hopped in the shower, which prompted the other man, who has been identified as Lowell Grissom, to come into the bathroom as well. However, when she tried to leave, the man pushed her back onto the bed and raped her.”

She then went to a rape treatment centre and reported the incident to the police.

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