Citizen TV’s Victoria is in mourning after losing her grandfather Prof. David Rubadiri.

She took to twitter to announce that he breathed his last breath on Saturday. She went on to state that his words continue to inspire people across the continent.

She wrote, “This literary giant now rests. Prof. David Rubadiri breathed his last today, but his words continue to inspire so many across this great continent. His legacy is one I could never live up to. The name he gave me is one I will continue to carry with pride. Rest in peace Babu.”

Prof. David Rubadiri¬†was a Malawian diplomat, academic and poet, playwright and novelist. Rubadiri is ranked as one of Africa’s most widely anthologized and celebrated poets to emerge after independence.

Rubadiri’s poetry has been praised as being among “the richest of contemporary Africa”. His work was published in the 1963 anthology Modern Poetry of Africa (East African Publishers, 1996), and appeared in international publications.

His only novel, No Bride Price, was published in 1967. It criticized the Banda regime and was, along with Legson Kayira’s The Looming Shadow, among the earliest published fiction by Malawians.

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