Swahili songwriter and musician Masauti nearly called it quits after a run-in with a radio presenter.

“When I started music, there reached a time I really wanted to quit because I felt I was doing good music but there was no support I was receiving,” he told Adelle yesterday.

MasautiAs a Coast-based artiste, he also happened to have a bad perception about radio presenters.

“In 2014, a popular radio presenter in Mombasa also almost made me quit. He called me to perform in his show with a new number but expected me to know it was him. As I tried to inquire who was calling me, the producer abused me with even my mother,” he said.

SHaffie, Masauti, AdelleBecause Masauti felt he still needed the presenter, he went back and apologised to the presenter, although he knew he was wrong.

“I wanted to completely quit. I even posted on social media that I was quitting music, but luckily, some presenters called to inquire why, and I told them and they started playing my music on the radio,” he said.

Masauti has been in the industry for 10 years now. He was introduced to music by his friends before they all stopped singing. He is currently promoting his new song ‘Kiboko’.

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