Colonel Mustafa was spectacularly accused of being a card-carrying member of the alphabet community. One of his former co-workers on the Nairobi Diaries show, Trap King Chrome, called out Colonel Mustafa for living a double life and portraying a lie.

Wewe ni shoga bwana! Nairobi Diaries drama hits explosive levels as Trap King Chrome accuses Colonel Mustafa of being gay

It should be remembered that Trap King Chrome is the guy who Lady Leshurr accused of stiffing her of her money when he brought her to Kenya for a show:

Lady Leshurr exposes Nairobi Diaries star for attempted extortion

But this is more about Colonel Mustafa and his alleged affinity for the booty.

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And while there is nothing wrong in my personal opinion if a man has an affinity for members of his own gender, I do realize that this would make Colonel Mustafa a target in a country as conservative as Kenya.

And so it was only a matter of time before Colonel Mustafa would have to address the allegation that he lives with his life partner, a short rotund man who often steals kisses from him when they are on set shooting Nairobi Diaries.

So is Colonel Mustafa a member of the Sewerage Workers Battalion?

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Colonel Mustafa had this to say about the allegations:

Unapodai deni kwa kampuni watatafuta njia zote za kupoteza story la deni

Pesa nadai ni nyingi sasa. Sasa inabidi watume kijana yangu ya mkono kupotezaa story la deni.