Colonel Mustafa is finally responding after the lady he had all of us believe he would marry did a complete 180 and sided with his enemy Trap King Chrome. The “light switch effect” came to the fore as Noti Flow who just a month ago was gushing about her man, Colonel Mustafa, has now come out to accuse him of being gay.

Noti Flow now attacks Colonel Mustafa confirms he is gay!

Noti Flow has forgotten all the tender moments she shared with her boyfriend and has now decided to join in the bandwagon of people attacking him. Noti Flow gave a huge shout out to Trap King Chrome who attacked Colonel Mustafa, allegedly “outing” him (we don’t believe this trash) and Colonel Mustafa has now responded to her.

Mashoga wananidai! Colonel Mustafa boasts about homosexuals soliciting him

In a rather stoic way that I have grown to expect from Colonel Mustafa, he responded in a chill way rather than going at it with his ex, he simply pointed out the fact that she has two songs about to drop so perhaps she is using this as marketing.


Leo unatoa video mbili so u afikiri kiki itakusaidia