Njugush has purposed his life to make you laugh but this year has seen him learn a few lessons the hard way.

When one starts making money and they become famous, it is outrightly common for them to have more people follow them around and term themselves as ‘friends’. And that makes one feel like they have a lot of friends. A concept that is very misunderstood.

A friend is a person with whom you share a strong bond. Acquaintance is someone who is known but who is not close. This was the lesson Njugush has come to learn.

Njugush adds to the family a car worth 8 million (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

In an exclusive interview with Kiss100, we asked him what his biggest lesson is in this game. With so much passion he said one of his biggest lessons this year is learning he had fake friends around him.

There are a lot of sacrifices that one goes into for those people. You waste your time and you even ignore your family because you need to take care of your friends

It is sad that for him as long as someone was in his circle, he helped without a second thought, but in his experience, that generosity hasn’t always been reciprocated.

Njugush can count the number of friends he has. Those that were with him when he was in problems. The name Abel Mutua was mentioned a lot as reference.

And we can attest that this is actually true. In his ‘how I married Celestine’ story, Able was one guy who stood by him through it all. When the situation was too much for him and he is still there now that Njugush is one of the richest influencers in Kenya.

Proof that Njugush and Celestine are the perfect power couple goals

I am sure you can pick a lesson or two from this story. You’re welcome.

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