Comedian Njugush has gained so much fame after being thrust into the limelight due to his back to back comedy skits. It’s really hard to take him seriously because he’s always joking around.

But there’s a side to him not many of us know about.

Just like any other normal human being, he’s had a past and it seems his was funny even while in school. It’s more in-born than practice.


In an interview with Nairobi Wire, he revealed his campus life was rather challenging because he was a parallel student at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.

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He said, “Challenging. I was a parallel student, which meant I had evening classes and couldn’t get a hostel in campus. Unfortunately, hostels in South B area where the school is locate are very expensive. I was, therefore, forced to sleep in school illegally. I also had to be in good terms with mama wa mjengo where I could access cheap food on credit.”


He went on to state that he once did a not so smart thing with his friends.

My friends and I once decided to cook ugali and omena thinking the matron wasn’t around. We were wrong, and the aroma of the fish frying drew her to our room. Since it was illegal to cook the hostels, we hid the food in the roof and tossed the makeshift electric cooking coil under the bed. That was not the brightest of ideas because clothes and the mattress caught fire resulting in an amusing incident.”