Fellas! Do you like thin or ‘thick’ curvy women? As Kenyans like to put it, chaguo ni lako.

But what exactly does it mean when a woman is referred to as ‘thick’? According to online blogs, the term means a woman who is not thin, or fat, but has curves in all the right places.

Just recently American singer Beyonce and Rihanna have trended on social media with fans describing their look as ‘thick’ eliciting all manner of responses.


Comedian Njugush loves ‘thick’ women and the funny man says his wife is one of them.Here is his funny, but really cute message about his wife.

“Shout out to all men out there who can take care of thick ­čśë­čśëtunafaa tupewe kaplot maguta maguta huko Thicker.

Tupewe Size 8 plus. Juu it’s a privilege hawa hawaingizwi box, ni Big Square ­čśëwe put our lives on the line here guys.”

Here’s the photo of Njugush’s wife and all that good ‘ol thickness: