Vera Sidika and Otile Brown need to chill.

So all the drama between them is not ending anytime soon. Otile Brown posted a picture of him and Wasafi music producer working on a new project and we know that anything Lizer (famously known as Eyolaiza) touches becomes magic.

When this piece of information got to Vera Sidika, she decided she was not going to be left behind on this publicity stunt. She posted a picture posing with Lizer 5 hours later saying:

who’s ready for my new single I did last week …produced by Wasafi’s baddest magic fingers @lizerclassic 🙌🏻Maybe I should drop it 

In my opinion, I think these two should just work on their music and stop the public stunts and all the drama. Kenyans are now tired of all the drama and instead want them to focus on their talent.

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Here are screenshots of their posts:

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