The thought has been there but we were just afraid of admitting that Huddah Monroe got her money by using her God-given cookie.

She has been termed all sorts of names from a socialite to a hoe but that has not stopped her from making money moves.

Huddah has admitted that she got a seat on the table with the help of her cookie but her brain helped her stay on that seat.

Pu**y opens the doors. Brains determine if you’ll stay in, have a seat at the table and change the status quo! 
From nothing to something! 

Her business is really thriving with her cosmetic line leading in terms of sales in Kenya.

‘A woman is the real Satan’ Huddah gives solid advice on female friends

She lives in the leafy suburbs of Nairobi and drives a high Maintainance car. With all that she has been able to acquire, her name has gone as far as the US. She was featured Harper’s Bazaar USA Magazine where she paused as an inspiration.

‘Haven’t had my conjugal rights’ thirsty Huddah cries out

Well, I do not really agree with her that the cookie is the way to make you money and have a seat on the table. There are many other ways that work better but to each their own.

Together with Vera Sidika and Bridget Achieng, the socialites have made society believe it is okay to live such a lifestyle to earn quick cash.

Do you agree with that kind of life? Because socialites all over the world have become an inspiration to the young generation.

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