When it was announced that Yvonne Darcq and Kristoff were in a relationship, she was a married woman. Being with a wealthy man (whose family reportedly has interests in the hotel and service industry) she had alot to lose so she denied the rumours.

Juicy! Singer Kush Tracey opens up about being assaulted by Yvonne Darcq over rapper…

Kristoff too, denied the rumours probably knowing that were their affair discovered the cuckolded hubby could extoll a deadly price in retribution.
A new video has surfaced showing Yvonne Darcq running after the rapper, accusing him of cheating on her.

Kristoff addresses videos of him cheating on Yvonne Darcq with Kush Tracey

This video whether staged or real opens them up to public scrutiny including their denied joint past Yvonne Darq first came onto the scene as a complete package with a hubby in tow and two sons.

Given this context, we are left with more questions than answers and the questions which are interesting AF are:

  1. Why did they deny their relationship for so long?
  2. What does Kristoff have that made Yvonne Darcq leave to live with him? Is it juju?
  3. Are they truly over? And If so will Kristoff now go for Kush Tracey?
  4. Did Kush Tracey know she was leaving with a married man?