Chipukeezy & kibanja

Chipukeezy has taken his relationship to the next level.

Ooh yes, Chipukeezy is a married man. Married to Kibanja, whom he has been dating for a few months now.

A few days ago, the two went live on Instagram telling their fans that they are married and showing off their wedding rings. We called Chipukeezy for a comment but he denied the allegations saying the story was not supposed to be out there.

Ever since then he has been flaunting his wedding rings and that is enough evidence.

Kibanja, is also a proud wife to the NACADA director-cum-comedian and has not been left behind. Her ring is big and you can notice it from a distance.


She is in her early 20’s while Chipukeezy is in his late 20’s so the two could be the perfect team. They have never spoken about how they met but from the NACADA directors Instagram post, promises to reveal something about her on the 11th of May.

He finally fulfilled the dream of at least one woman, of marrying her. Chipukeezy had engaged Vivian Kerubo, alias Empress Kerry for a pretty long time, almost 4 years.

‘That lady looks like a community h*e’ Kenyans react to Chipukeezys new bae Kibanja

The two did not make it down the aisle but he wished her all the best in life.

The comedian and TV Host spoke to a while back where he finally broke the silence saying the two are no longer in a relationship:

People fall in and out of love, and maybe the plans I had for her did not work out

Wife material! Chipukeezy shows off his new girlfriends cooking skills

Here’s photo evidence Chipukeezy makes a pretty good husband to the gorgeous Kibanja (Pay close attention to his left hand):

Kibanja also has a ring on:

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