Saumu Mbuvi has learned the art of keeping her life private after all the drama she went through with her ex.

We knew she was dating Lamu Senator, Anwar Loitiptip and we knew things were getting serious but not a baby on board serious.


A few of her peers spent their Valentine’s day in a different way. She woke up to cook for over 100 street kids and went to feed them. Such a pure and kind heart right?

Well, this could be the baby in her belly. Yes! Saumu Mbuvi is expecting a child and we are just going to assume it is with her current boyfriend because who else could it be?

‘Be quiet forever’ Saumu defends Anwar Loitiptip after cheating allegations

Saumu took pictures with a few of the street children and got the courage to post them which revealed she was pregnant.

Wanna know how I spent my valentines; Woke up very early …pregnancy Hormones though hata kama I was feeling lazy 🤦‍♀️😓cooked for more than 100 street kids and I really thought this won’t go through ..but look at God 😭😭😭😭he just has his way of making things happen. The day turned out to be such a success.
Thank you all for all your support …May you all never luck…The price we pay for being alive and having good health is giving back to the society. There is no such a fulfilling feeling than sleeping knowing two or more smiled because of you. The feeling is heavenly. Because we are queens we spread the love❤️and sorry to anyone expecting a classy baby-shower from me ..this is all that my heart wanted ❤️To the amazing team I am more than grateful and to my partner in crime @muyu_ke thank you loads❤️

Her request to the Nairobi county Government, is that they build shelters for street families. Hopefully, she has had the same discussion with her father.

Things between the Nairobi Senator’s daughter and Lamu Senator have gotten serious she even changed her Instagram profile picture to a photo of her, her daughter and her boyfriends. Do not be surprised when Kiss100 announce their marriage.

From us here at Kiss100, is congratulations to Saumu and Anwar on their coming soon family addition.

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