Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi has not had an easy week. Not at all.

After a video of him nude by the riverside leaked online, he has been fire fighting fans, critics and corporates that give him business.

The only personality who has really defended Eric, is newspaper columnist Njoki Chege.

“Eric is a great young man, with a fine, creative head on his shoulders,” Njoki wrote on her column.

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Adding, “Let’s talk about context. First, Omondi’s video was an effort to parody a scene from the film The God’s Must Be Crazy. His video is also reminiscent of the good old days when naughty boys would toss their clothes in the bush and jump in the river for a quick dip and their cheeky friends would hide their clothes. Omondi just wanted to recreate the village life and a movie scene with an underlying theme of celebrating our African culture.”

Njoki did not spare the ‘Pseudo-feminist’ she went ham on them.

“It was wrong for toxic feminists — who twist anything and everything to fit their ideas on feminism — to make it look like Eric is responsible for everything that is wrong with society. It is also wrong for people to use this opportunity to lash out and brand him for what he is clearly not and imploring advertisers to stay away from him. What was also wrong was for pseudo-feminists to make the video about what it was not.”

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To Eric, Njoki advised:

“Keep doing your thing. You are talented and you should not let this incident pull you down. Eric, when they go low, go higher. People should know that creativity is a difficult job, and sometimes you don’t always get it right. It is true what a wise observer said: “Those who can, do, those who can’t, criticise.”

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