It has been less than a week since madam boss Akothee and mtoto wa mama Bahati released a gospel song dubbed ‘Nakupa moyo’ a thanksgiving song that has been well received by fans all over the world.

However, apart from the sheer blessings and peace of mind that the soothing song brings, it looks like Akothee and Bahati’s close relationship got one internet user confused.

The said user went ahead and created a meme spreading malicious rumours that Akothee is now expectant with Bahati’s baby.  

The meme read;

Breaking news! Akothee is pregnant with bahati’s child aki wanawake si mjiheshimu.

As expected this irked the award winning artiste who this time chose to blame Coronavirus for affecting the culprit’s brain.

Sharing the meme, Akothee wrote;

Corona has now left the lungs, and respiratory systems, it has madly affected the brains and no one is thinking, please God, allow this bad air to pass, so people can go back to work, this is sad times. Korona, korona, when did you leave the lungs and attack the brain.

Her daughter, Rue baby seeing the funny side of it rallied behind her mother commenting; Waambie yawa

A few days back, Akothee praised Bahati’s work ethic while doing the collabo stating that ‘Nakupa moyo’ is “one of the best, easy, soft collabo I have ever done in my life.”

She went on to add that she and Bahati even became more friends and that they are now relatives.

She wrote;

…but with Bahati that was smooth, we became more friends, now we are relatives, thank you @bahatikenya some artists are just evil, selfish and mean may God protect you from such. YOU ARE A HERO, GOD SENT.