Chipukeezy recently accused Kenyan media with a heavy bias against bloggers of being behind the death of his fellow comedian, Njenga Mswahili. Chipukeezy was so incensed and so solipsistic in his rant that he termed the death an abortion.

A son’s pride: Meet Chipukeezy’s beaming mother

ARBORTION comes in different forms!!! It is the act of terminating a life (Human) before it fully develops. The entertainment industry is busy making love, conceiving babies and KILLING them, we are all GUILTY of MURDER!! the Industry!! The Media (Mostly bloggers) and the Corporate world. The Industry never really supports you and never wants to see you grow and when you work your way and grow the bloggers are on wait to chew you, only NEGATIVITY sells for BLOGGERS, BLOGGERS YOU ARE GUILTY of MURDER!!! You have KILLED DREAMS!!! DEEMED lights and lives of young TALENTED people, You rarely SUPPORT, You never write the good stories the POSITIVES, when we WIN awards you go completely MUTE…But when you hear the slightest wind of an artist “struggling” you swiftly swing into action. The CORPORATES are a multibillion industry and Pay peanuts to Artists or, not all but most do not respect ART or see it’s worth… GUILTY!!!All Njenga Mswahili wanted to do was to make you laugh, all AKA Ayeya wanted was to make you giggle abit. The untimely deaths of both AKA and MSWAHILI are identical in nature…They both suffered some sort of DEPRESSION before their demise. These depressions were caused by Frustrations that could have been avoided since they are caused by the SYSTEM, the MEDIA, the INDUSTRY and the CORPORATES, in short KENYANS. We have to embrace, Support and OWN our OWN. I am GUILTY, you are GUILTY.Thou Shall not Kill! RIP

Yeesh! The problem with this narrative is that it is a coward’s narrative. Only a coward will refuse to accept responsibility of their actions and get upset when media especially bloggers report on what they did.

Chipukeezy seems to forget afew years ago, Prezzo slapped the taste out of his mouth, it was because Chipukeezy had provoked Prezzo. The media and bloggers had nothing to do with the slap but they did have an obligation to report about the altercation that took place at Skyluxx.
The question then becomes, did the media do anything wrong in reporting the situation? Were bloggers trying to abort Chipukeezy?

Chipukeezy & kibanja

Wapiganao ndio wapendanao: Chipukeezy and Kibanja back together

And Chipukeezy’s assertion has led to Bloggers speaking out about supporting fledgling talent only for them to get cast in the villians role when these upstarts become actual celebrities and they misbehave and get posted oin blogs:

What happened to comedian Njenga Mswahili is sad. I wish it didn't. I don't know why Ayeye is here. He died in an…

Posted by Javan Samora Ndoria on Thursday, November 14, 2019

And the question now left to fans to ask and answer for themselves is whether they do not want to know what their favourite celebrities are upto but to Chipukeezy all I have to say is cut the crying and own your mess like a man with agency and a fully functional coconut on his shoulders.

Anyway, everyone has a right to an opinion, MINE!