Having a mini me is the cutest thing anyone can desire. It starts with celebrities. They have these tiny versions of themselves that is so cute. You wonder if they were that way themselves when they were little.

These are the few celebrities who have either kids or sisters which are basically a younger version of themselves

Nicki Minaj


Recently Nicki shared a video of her and her sister with snap editings. They look so alike and cute in the photo. The ‘aww’ kind of look.

And she loves singing too, just like Nicki. We are all wondering why Nicki has not been flaunting her.

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Until recently, the world did not know about Ming Maraj, Nicki Minaj’s younger sister. Looks like we finally found a soft spot for Nicki. Other than Kenneth of course

Chris brown

Chris Brown even got his daughter dressed as a cowboy. The same way he once dressed when he was little and they look so much alike. And cute too.

His daughter even has his dance moves. Through practice, which at some point lead to her getting hurt. She has thoroughly mastered her father’s dance moves


blue ivy is literally a younger version of Beyonce. Now an award winner, she is the future goddess looking to take over the kingdom once her mother retires.

Beyonce dreamed of building a legacy that will leave beyond her,

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