There has been an ongoing debate based on Kenyan music, with some artistes bashing radio presenters for not playing local music as much as they play Tanzanian or Nigerian music.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen

Well, Daddy Owen has come forward to dismiss claims that gospel artistes are doing bad music.

“I want people to come out clearly and tell us which gospel artiste they are listening to because as far as I am concerned, the industry has got good music,” Owen spoke to Word Is.

Daddy Owen
“I am tired of this vibe ati, ‘Gospel is dead’. Dead? Who killed it? Gospel will never die,” Daddy Owen wrote.

Earlier on, he had posted on social media that people should stop tarnishing the whole industry.

“I am tired of this vibe ati, ‘Gospel is dead’. Dead? Who killed it? Gospel will never die,” he wrote.

The industry has been built for a long time, and it shouldn’t be destroyed because of some few artistes.

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Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen believes that Gospel music will never die

It just depends on who you are listening to or looking at because if it’s about music, I know so many musicians who are releasing real gospel music year in year out! If it’s content, the music is rich! My list of gospel music and artistes I listen to is always full and with great anointing,” he said.

He encouraged fans not to be carried away by “a few characters” they think are not doing credible gospel music.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen

“Those few characters should not define the whole gospel industry. We have even upcoming gospel artistes who are writing real gospel music, but fans don’t want to listen and support them. They want to listen to those who are bringing drama now and then,” he said.

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