nick mutuma, bahati

Bahati is already eyeing eligible wives for his young son Morgan.

This came about when he showed his interest in one of the most adorable famous baby girl’s for his son Morgan Bahati.

Well it’s not any other princess but Nick Mutuma’s gorgeous little daughter Dua.

Baby Dua; Nick Mutuma Bridget Shighadii
Baby Dua

The two dads had the little sarcastic conversation under Nick Mutuma’s Instagram post, where Bahati was urging Nick to have a sitting, to discuss getting Dua to be Morgan’s wife.

Morgan Bahati
Morgan Bahati

Bahati wrote;

” Bro kuja tukae chini kama wazee nipee kijana bibi”

Well Nick seems to be game, as he had a simple reply stating;

” Nangoja invite bro”

We know it’s just an online game, I don’t know about you but really, these kids have a really long way to go.

Baby Dua

Oh well time will tell!

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