Vera Sidika is addicted to social media. A day will not go by without sharing a couple of videos or pictures on all the platforms she is on.

We know a lot about her through social media but she has always hidden one part of her life – her family.

It took her sometime before she introduced her boyfriend to the world. Before that, she was just confusing her enemies like Zari is doing.

Vera has been enjoying her vacay days in Mombasa and now that the holidays are over, she had to spend a few days with her family. By this I mean her mum and dad.

Her dad turned a year older yesterday and she ordered a Manchester United themed cake for him,  his favorite football team. In the video, you can hear how excited he is about the cake as he kept saying thank you.

This is the prime opportunity to meet her parents.  She took video’s with her mum and mentioned she is a daddy’s girl before posting a video with him. She used the dog filter which got her dad excited. Vera told both her parent’s that she loves them.

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You could tell she has not neglected them even if she is living a lavish lifestyle. Vera’s parents home is also pretty neat as we see what appears to be expensive furniture. Must be nice yeah?

Meet Vera’s parents below:

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