Collin Demar Edwards better known as Demarco is a performer no doubt and he has established his name as one of if not the best dancehall artistes.

Demarco gained his early experience performing at the Cactus nightclub at the age of 15 and was a selector for the Future Disco sound system.

At the age of 16, he relocated to the US where he worked to fund his interest in music production and began creating tracks for hip hop and dancehall artists.

His love for music gives him the chance to showcase his ‘talent’ in daggering because that is something he is known for especially in his music videos.

When Demarco steps on stage, the climax of his performance is always him calling a girl on stage to bend over and dance for him.


Like he usually does in event, he took to stage in North America and gave his fans a serious performance. He called to stage a girl from the crowd and in the attempt to take his dagger skills to the next level, he jumped on her and it went so wrong he fell on his stomach flat after hitting the ladies head with his legs.

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You know what, I can’t laugh alone, watch the video below:

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