Damn Son! Back At It Again With The Big News: Octopizzo Meets Beyonce

If you think Octopizzo is bluffing when he says he’s taking the Kenyan music scene to a whole new level, think again.

Being the first Kenyan to ever be invited for the Grammys, he’s proved that hardwork and determination will definitely pay off at the end of it all.

Octopizzo/ Instagram

Octopizzo got to share the same air space with some of the biggest artistes in the world during the 60th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony that was held on January 28, 2018. The CBS network broadcast the show live from Madison Square Garden in New York City.

His songs were not nominated in any category, but in a previous interview we had with the star, he said that we will soon see him on those charts.

Octopizzo/ Instagram

Well, Octopizzo has revealed before that he loves Jay Z and guess what? He actually got to meet him and as if that’s not enough, he also got to meet Beyonce. Well the meet up was not like a one on one, but he got to see them eye to eye and Beyonce even waved at him.

Now who wouldn’t want to meet the two most celebrated and admired superstars? Well, I would have fainted. Syke!

Here is the video;

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