The world is full of interesting places to visit. Some jaw dropping and others miraculous but not many people have the guts to visit places that can actually cost you you life.

Here is a list of ten places in the world that are extremely dangerous that you can visit if you dare to.

  1. Grand Canyon, USAImage result for grand canyonThe grand canyon is one of the most highly recommended places to visit in the the United States. With more than 5 million people visiting each year. This canyon stretches 1.6 kilometers in depth.Since the late 1870’s around 600-700 people have died there. If you do decide to visit it anytime you should probably be careful and try not to fall off the edge or drown in the Colorado river. So take caution when visiting the national park

2. Java and Sumatra, IndonesiaRelated image

Java and Sumatra are both beautiful islands off the coast of Indonesia. Warm tropical climates and rain forests make it a great place for tourists to visit. Unfortunately the place is riddled with natural disasters. Approximately, 170,000 people died from a tsunami in 2004. Floods and landslides also plague the area.

3. The Outback, Australia

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Australia is a highly visited country by tourists duet to its main attraction the Northern territory (The outback). With a beautiful landscape, this place attracts tourists from all over event though it’s one of the most dangerous places in the world. Poisonous snakes and exposure to the sun are the main cause of death in the area. Ever year people die due to exposure to the extreme heat.

4. Mount Washington, USA

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Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northern United States. It’s actually a great destination for hikers to visit and has several trails that lead you to the summit. But extreme weather conditions make it one of the most dangerous places to visit in the United States. Nearly 100 people have died there due to the erratic weather that can change at any time causing you to get stuck in a snow storm.

5. Volcano tours, Hawaii

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Hawaii has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. From its sandy beaches to the warm weather, beautiful landscape. It attracts tourists from all over the world though the island is riddle with volcanoes. You can bike trail through the volcanoes .Most people think that lava is the most dangerous thing volcanoes can emit but that’s not necessarily the case. Various deaths and injuries have been caused as a result of over exposure to a gads known as lava haze which is a combination of hydrochloric acid, hydrogen sulphur and carbon (iv) oxide. Breathing in this gas causes serious health issues in your breathing system.

6. Devils pool, Zambia

Image result for devils pool zambiaEver wanted to look at Victoria falls as close as you can, well it’s possible just head over to Zambia’s devils pool. Tourists are allowed to swim over the edge and look at the water fall with out falling due to a natural rock barrier which prevents the current from pushing you over. You can only swim in the pool between September and December during the dry season when the current isn’t as strong and the water levels are down. It’s called devil’s pool to honor the 20 people who unfortunately fell over the edge. It even has a plaque quoting  “he came for a visit and never left.”

7. Valley of death, Russia

Image result for valley of death russiaA near by volcano Kikhpinych emits toxic gases that accumulate at the valley bottom. This lake of gas at the valley bottom kills plants and animals. If you ever dare to visit you would experience dizziness, fever and chills then probably death. Since it’s discovery, people have gone to see the site for themselves many never return. That doesn’t stop people from visiting though. Approximately 80 people have been lost.  You can still view it from a safe distance.

8. Yosemite half dome, USA

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Yosemite national park is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the US due to it natural landscape. The crest of the dome is approximately 4737 feet above the park. The dome is harmless but those who choose to hike expose themselves to slippery rocks they can slide off especially when it rains. The search and rescue team respond to around 100 incidences each year from dehydration to more fatal issues and unfortunately 8 people have died hiking up on the trail.

9. Mount Hua San trail, ChinaImage result for hua san trail

This trail is for those strong of heart and don’t have a fear of heights. Planks have been bolted to the side of the mountain so people can have a place to put their feet on and even some sections of the trails are just divots curved on the side of the mountain. You hook yourself to an iron chain as you cross the trail for protection. It’s unknown how many people die there but rumor has it several people die there each year year.

10. Road of fate, Bolivia

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In 1995 it was named the world most dangerous road  by the inter- america development bank. In 2006 it was estimated that 600-700 people die on that road each year. It has a singe lane which is 10 feet wide for two cars to pass on a cliff which has a 2000 feet drop. From September to March heavy rainfall and fog can cause terrible visibility leading people to fall off the edge. Some areas off the road have water falls making the road extremely slippery. Approximately 18 cyclists have died since 1998 bike trailing.

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