Akothee was invited to parliament yesterday by MP David Sankok.

Akothee was dressed in a lime green skirt suit but her skirt was way above the knee. According to the parliament ‘rules’, they have constantly called out women who walk in parliament with short skirts or sleeveless tops. For them, no skin should be seen.

After gaining entry into MPs only area, the artist rejected attempts by Parliament orderlies to hand her a kikoi to wrap her mini skirt.

Akothee causes drama after walking into parliament in a short skirt

The MP who had invited her was asked whether he was ashamed at her conduct and dressing and his response was a simple:

How can I apologize for bringing a beautiful Kenyan with long legs to invite MPs to support her fund to help suffering Kenyans in Turkana.
She was extremely well dressed, she was in official wear.
When I went to receive her at the gate I annalysed her from all angles and she was well dressed.
When I came here they said the skirt must be below the knee.