Nigerian superstar, Davido, is a pro at puffing and huffing smoke off his lungs. Especially if that smoke has hints of cannabis sativa.

He came into limelight in 2011, when he released his hit single Dami Duro.

The song received nationwide recognition and played a key role in earning him a lucrative endorsement deal with top corporate giants.

The star is doing so well that recently, he purchased a brand new Mercedes Benz for his longtime friend and personal assistant, Lati.

He took to Instagram to share a video of Lati’s new car as it landed and also wrote a heartfelt caption detailing how instrumental Lati has been in his success.

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He wrote, “Uve been looking after me since I was 13 !!! Your probably the only one that I know would do the same if we switched positions !! LOVE YOU MY BROTHER ! MY BACK BONE!! ENJOY THIS SMALL GIFT!”

Like all mortals, Davido had a scare while flying. He detailed the fearful experience on his flight to New York.

According to the singer, he repented about ten times, revealing he was about to die. Check out his post.

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That must have rattled him to a point he needed a calming salve.

The Nigeria superstar shared a video to his Instagram account smoking what looks like ganja.

Check it out.

Naija star Davido smokes weed and shows off on Instagram

Davido smokes weed and shows off on Instagram

Posted by Kiss 100 Kenya on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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