Davido who shared a video of a show he headlined in Abidjan, thanked Nigerian producer and singer, Tekno, who worked on his single ‘IF’ which launched the 30 Billion Gang Boss to another height.

Davido who also attached a find your magic to the post, wrote;
Thank you teknoofficial !❤ ‘IF’ CHANGED MY LIFE !! Davido also revealed via Twitter that Port Harcourt based singer, Duncan Mighty inspired and influenced him while he was making ‘IF’. He also revealed that he would love to have him on the remix of the song.

In February 2018, Davido’s singles ‘If’ and ‘Fall’ were certified Diamond and Platinum in South Africa. Davido took to social media on his instagram account after he received his plaques, he wrote; ”IF’ Is officially Diamond and ‘FALL’ is officially Platinum in sales!!! My trophies’s finallly came in as well! GOD IS REAL!! Thank you Guys for making this happen!! just gettin started!!! Bless to my team.”

According to the Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA), for a single to be certified Gold status, it should have sold over 10,000 units, and 20,000 units for Platinum status. For it to go Diamond, it has to do 10 times Platinum. In this case that equals 200,000 copies.
Interestingly, the RISA also counts music videos as a part of it too. 5,000 views of a music video makes the record go gold. 10,000 makes it platinum.’IF’ AND ‘Fall’ singles stayed on the number one spot on the South Africa charts for nine weeks straight.
The Plaques were presented at the Columbia Records UK office and Efe Ogbeni that executed the record deal for Davido with Sony was present. The Managing Directors and President of Columbia UK Stacey Tang, Manish Arora and Ferdy Unger-Hamilton. Vanessa Amadi (Management) and Michael Ugwu were also present during the presentation of the Plaques.

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